Dream your best dream

Hello Good people of the world,

As I continue to work on this, I keep improving own my style of communication. I am learning the skills needed to produce a shorter and  more powerful message. I am inspired to do more and gain more. Please feel free share your own personal experience. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

Furthermore, this brings us into our topic for today. I dare you oh reader, dream your best dream! While you dream, the universe will synchronize for you your best test, training and conditions. I believe this is why it has been said, “Everyone has circumstances and situations but don’t become a victim of it”. Don’t get caught up in the struggle of the test. Yes its challenging. Yes its difficult but this is your dream. You created your dream to solve a problem. A very real problem.14702467453731

Although, It is through struggle where we find innovation. It’s in the darkest hour where we find the solution. Someone said, “Sometimes we are placed in darkness to make us realize that we can produce light”.

As I like to say, Its a struggle but not at all”. The dream that you dream is customized for you. The most important thing I can share is don’t forget why you made your dream. It will keep you focused towards the future rather than the present pains of now. While you continue to keep your momentum, you will find that you are exactly where you need to be in order to become. This sums up our conversation of today. Please continue to discover more with us.

I can not thank you enough for coming to visit us. Please feel free to share our conversation with friends or family. Its possible that you could take it to work with you or school to improve yourself development. Again! Until the next time, lets continue to overcome inertia!




Let it grow

First, I feel that it’s important that you must learn how to empower your own imagination. For those who have lost it, don’t point fingers. And to those who don’t acknowledge it, simply smile and preserve your energies for manifestation.

Before manifestation, one must see the final vision in the mind in order to build. One must see the blueprint and understand the key components before one places action to the physical construction.

Now, we have the general understanding. Let it grow!

“Every idea is like a seed”

“You” the care taker of this seed, it’s important that you understand your duty. You are so very special in this process because you will have insight no one14698565988191 else can ever see. It has been said, “Great minds think alike” Well! No two universes shall spiral the same.

You will remain at your best if you are the creator of your ideas because you have no choice but to build rather than follow. This is a great advantage because you have the ability to dream years in advance than create it at the speed of now.

Furthermore, let it grow! The most important duty is that you must believe-in-yourself, even when you are against all odds. Learning how to communicate the idea effectively is your next task, which it will depend on you and how much time you spend on your craft. Don’t rush it! As Earl Nightingale says, “You are not building a chicken coop rather a Skyscraper”. You want it to stand tall and strong. Once you discover how to communicate it than you must assemble a team. I will share these in more detail in our Workshops. Please email me and i’ll share dates for online session on in class sessions.

The last point, I want to share is that you must get out of your own way. This requires that you are taught how to control your inner dialog. It has been said that, “if you have no enemy within, the enemy around can do you no harm”. This works within the dimensions of the human construct such as: Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally, Socially, Occupationally and Spiritually (PIESOS).  As this concludes our session for today, We encourage you to work harder on yourself, on your goals so that you might arrive in the future which is yours. Please share and add value to the conversation. I cant wait to see what is on your mind.

Becoming you!

I can’t be you nor I can expect you to be like me. First, becoming you demands that you understand that are a work-in-progress. Secondly, it requires that you understand what you dream to be will ultimately develop you as becoming the latest version of yourself.

More so, you (at this very moment) are subject to change. This is  because you are always in the process of becoming. This is why its so important that you “Stand guard at the door of your mind”

Jim Rohn states, “Stand guard at the door of your mind”. This is because whatever you give your energy, life or attention to can potentially change your course of direction. This is why its encouraged that you dream big. “Reach for the starts and if you miss. You’ll still be at the top of the world”.



However, there is more to consider and I would like to hear more from you. I am willing to share all the information possible in my experience on becoming my greatest self. Discover more with us @Over_Innovation_of_inertia. As we like to say, “Are you inert?” If so, Let’s overcome inertia together.

The secret of stressing less is dreaming more

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

  • Finding the right issues to stress about and this will help you reach your goals. What you think about the most you become.

….Just think about…The right issues? What right issues? When there are bills which needs to be payed or companies that reach out wanting payment after payment. How about juggling the  conflicts of day to day issues? Life is simply  full of surprises.

However, the greatest  way to reach stress free zen is to go within. Problems are byproducts of inertia. This analogy might help you understand. When you have a problem, its possible that can find some services which will provide you a service to solve your problem.

If you are hungry. You might buy food to curve your hunger. If you are thirsty, you might buy something to quench your thirst. Evermore, your brain is the go to product to help you solve the most complex of problems and the best thing is that its free, kinda!

city-man-person-skyline-medium Although, it’s easy to become bogged down by any little thing that bothers you.When one is taxed with consistent struggle and hardship.

Well, this is the same process the brain faces. When you are stressed. Those messages are sent to the brain and it will struggle to produce solutions in “good timing”. It will continue to solve those many problems that are a pain for you. This is why its important to provide your mind with the vision of one goal,  one focus and deliberate concentration.

It works to find a solution and it has the ability to conjure amazing solutions. It than becomes your chief aspiration, your brain’s top priority and in return you stress less because its not over taxed on useless things.

The belief in your goal creates happiness, hope and security. It provides the feeling that everything will be okay because you understand that trouble and problems are not your final destination.  Coined “your reality is not your destiny”

Instead of living in fear, in the moment of now, your brain reminds you of the future. It reminds you of a future and where it resides. It calls you to join it! The universe which is synchronized with your belief provides the training needed for you to become. (Take a breath to let it settle)

Yes! I love to say, “Its a struggle but not at all”

to close the conversation, it reminds you that your reality is not your destiny. Your reality, this moment is just a temporary situation which will pass taking you into the future of your brightest aspirations. Please feel free to share and continue this conversation. Discover more with us as we continue to overcome inertia. As we say, “Are you inert? If so, let’s get over inertia!