Becoming you!

I can’t be you nor I can expect you to be like me. First, becoming you demands that you understand that are a work-in-progress. Secondly, it requires that you understand what you dream to be will ultimately develop you as becoming the latest version of yourself.

More so, you (at this very moment) are subject to change. This is  because you are always in the process of becoming. This is why its so important that you “Stand guard at the door of your mind”

Jim Rohn states, “Stand guard at the door of your mind”. This is because whatever you give your energy, life or attention to can potentially change your course of direction. This is why its encouraged that you dream big. “Reach for the starts and if you miss. You’ll still be at the top of the world”.



However, there is more to consider and I would like to hear more from you. I am willing to share all the information possible in my experience on becoming my greatest self. Discover more with us @Over_Innovation_of_inertia. As we like to say, “Are you inert?” If so, Let’s overcome inertia together.

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