Ever Evolving


Hello Good people of the world,

We will jump into this topic rapidly. Please feel free to share your thoughts and share.  Furthermore, this world is ever evolving- you are growing and things are constantly improving, and blossoming. Everything is constantly evolving to become better and stronger. It does this not for material gain or market value rather to inspire. It is a global invitation for one to reach their highest potential as it has reached its own.

Dear readers never fear  failure or becoming obsolete.

The reason for this is because one has the ability to choose if he or she will increase their mental capabilities or decide to leave it where it stands. Secondly, failure does not mandate that you are unsuccessful. It only shows that your plan of action was not successful, so don’t take it personal. None the less, you have control of your future actions.


The mind is like the universe. It is infinite, in every meaning of the word.  The mind has no boundaries or limits. It is limitless. Even if you filled it, it will never reach its full capacity. If you attend my workshops, I ask the question: Can you touch the walls of your mind? (Feel free to leave a response) I ask this for a reason.. can you guess why?


The ability of using our imagination can set one to any destination without any reservation.

             Like technology, once it becomes old or obsolete it’s no longer needed. The mind gets older but in the end, we can only discover the latest model of excellence within ourselves. This is if one has a desire for it. This is If one keeps up with the up hill struggle of becoming better, through hell or high water. If you have the desire to be than you shall.

All things that continues its process in growth.

The mind is the only thing (we) can stop in its advancement of improvement.  Today, I will not address those things that might alter our course of inertia. The most important concept to share is that hardship is designed to persuade us to halt or change our direction. However, this state of idleness can have a detrimental impact to its user and those surrounding it.

A person might have much education, success and wealth and vice versa but if he or she does push the mind for growth it will remain idle.  Don’t be unkind to your mind, join the movement of improvement! Your ability to shine gives others the permission for others to be their best self.

The greatest technology in the universe is the mind. Not only is it the greatest piece of technology. It’s the most under used and understood. The greatest thing about the mind is that it’s free! Be inspired by the beauty of the world as it is an invitation for you to reach your greatest self.  Don’t be unkind to your mind, please don’t fall behind. Please feel free to respond. Again thank you for your visit! As we like to say, “Are you inert?” If so, let’s get over inertia!


Universal Prayther


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