With or Without Vision


Hello Good people of the world,

I will share a story of inspiration today. I feel it! One of my greatest stories to share is the story of Helen Keller.  There are a few reasons why her story is used to make my story. It’s important to know that inspiration is liberation. It is the unspoken permission for you to be your best self. It is her inspiration “the invitation” that invited me to become liberated from my own self-doubt.

I held myself in a cage isolated and alone. I did not understand that I held the key to this cage and it is her story that helped me make my story. Some way or another, one might find some reasons of why you can’t achieve something, but you must have vision and fight to keep your vision. Vision keeps your sights in a place where you are totally invested to reach. The reasons why you see this vision never lose it. This is your motivation. This is your internal fire, the coal which burns and provides warmth, when the world is cold and all odds are against you.14709260159911

Self-doubt is the water, or mist which seeks to extinguish your fire. You are in constant conflict with anything which tires to relinquish your flame. This energy, if it had a price. It would be the most expensive chemical on the face of the planet due to the fact that of your productivity and unwillingness to be stopped. This success formula which is created trough struggle, passion and vision will make you a force to be reckoned with.

How did her story make my story? Regardless of her current situation and circumstances, it never moved her from reaching her goal. More than that, she was not able to listen to others ridicule as what was possible for her or not. This point is the most critical! Secondly, she was surrounded by people who had vision that she could and she did, despite all odds.

I leave you with this message good people, go for your goals and find those who will support you in making it happen and get to work, make it happen, don’t stop, fail fearlessly and most important be yourself, love yourself, stay kind and be like water. You can do it! Again, thank you for taking the time to read my daily messages. Please share as there are those who are waiting to unlock themselves from them. Your inspiration is needed.


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