Ready your day from Yesterday


Hello Good people of the world,

I have awakened! I am on a new vibe. I have awakened to a new possibility where I choose to be more creative than restrictive. I choose the new possibility where I am limitless over bounded by misconceptions of myself and my own negative thoughts. I choose inspiration rather despair. I choose motivation than isolation. I have made the choice to watch my actions and my own thougths.


I would like to thank you for visiting our blog. I hope this is as inviting and heartwarming for you as this is for us. You have a power, called potential power. Life is about using that power in a productive sense. It’s about making the choice to use it rather than refusing to use your source of greatness which is in abundance. Make the choice to use it, as you embark on your own greatness and give others the permission to uncover their own greatness.

I hope from my liberation you find a reason for celebration and take action to expound on your new found power and strength. This will take us into our current topic.  Ready your day, with a plan from yesterday! Before you sleep, write your plan and make up your mind that if you shall awake. Your plan is what shall be done!

It’s important that you do your best efforts. It is also important to know that what you write down will be accomplished and no longer will it be delayed, left aside and forlorn.

With that in mind, you are ready to sleep and rest well. As tomorrow will open for you to “Attack the day with enthusiasm”. You will find that you have more energy. You will find that you don’t have time for pettiness. You will find more love for yourself. You will find yourself with more passion. You will find more happiness as you are on the pursuit of happiness.

You will find yourself being the opposite of the one who delayed. Please join us online or in person as we present our 3-day workshop introduction: Getting over inertia. Are you inert? If so, let’s overcome inertia. Feel free to send us an email for orentation. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!



Universal Prayther

Over Innovation of Inertia

One thought on “Ready your day from Yesterday

  1. Thank you! Good morning, it is awesome to see your awakening and coming into limitless possibilities. Thank you for the inspiration!


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