How do you live love in your community

Hello Good People of the world,

I hope this message finds you well. I hope this message finds you in good cheer, refreshed and motivated. I hope this message touches you in a way that you might become empowered to invest in yourself to become the greatest version of yourself. Please understand that the sun is shining although you may not see it. The sun is shining even in darkness. Hard times are part of the process.  It’s like the weight lifter who increases his exercise to develop muscle. It’s like the seed which is placed in the soil to grow and develop. More so, its balance: hard times and good times share turns like a seesaw. It’s like night and day. The day will pass just as the night will fade, just hold on tight. Your struggles to shall pass and you will find in its absence you have become betterhow-do-you-live-love-in-yourself

I have been asking this question, “How do you live love in your community?”  Do you live love in your community? I believe this is a really great question on so many levels.  How would that experience look like? I recall swimming in the ocean on my surf board, feeling the heat of the sun and the coolness of the shifting waters. I recall long nights with family and friends living in peace and enjoying each other’s company.

More so, I would like to take it one more level. “How do you live love in yourself?” It’s one thing to show love to your environment but how about your inner world? How do you show the real “you” love and what are your actions to justify them? At some degree, I am talking about self-care. It’s not impossible to love something else before you learn to love yourself. However, what are some actions and habits to maintain that love? It’s like burning a fire. What kind of material do you use to maintain the heat?


I created a term called; “Mental Fitness” and I apply it in our workshops which promote self-knowledge.  Mental Fitness is related to mental hygiene.  However, mental hygiene talks about having and keeping a positive self-image, staying positive and being you to keep your mental strength just as having physical strength.  I would love to have you join us for a workshop, just send us an email and we can provide it online or in person. 

Thank you again for joining us and please feel free to comment, share or follow. We are Over Innovation of Inertia. We celebrate human achievement and development. As we love to say, are you inert? If so, lets overcome inertia. You are not alone!







No greater motivation than success

Hello Good people of the world,

How are you? I hope this message finds you well. I hope that this message finds you in your best.  If it’s not the case, understand that you can have control over your thoughts and actions. You have the power to choose the feeling of being powerful over powerless. You have the ability to live your life with vision or in darkness. Just turn on the light, turn your life into a brighter future because you are a reflection of your biggest dream. Dear reader, dream your biggest dream!

This brings us into today’s topic; there is no grater motivation than success. Rather if you choose to start small or large; you ultimately have the ability to choose your boost of motivation. You have the ability to create and foster the positive habits which will stimulate the combustion of “go”.             get-out-your-own-way

How you might be asking? Please feel free to visit us on Skype just send us an email at  We provide a number of self-development and vocational building workshops under a technology called Inspirational Praxis. Send us an email to get stated, online or via or in person.

More so, understanding the power of your sub-conscious thoughts and how it triggers your motivation of attitude will directly impact your actions. The reaction in your environment will leave you with a feeling of successes. You can do this consciously or unconsciously, planned or unplanned, this can create a feeling of happiness or sadness. Join us as we are willing to show you your own greatness. As we ask, are you inert? If so, let’s get over inertia!