The purpose of a dream

Hello Good people of the world,

Thank you very much for watching, reading and sharing.  Over Innovation of Inertia is my second brain child. I encourage others to develop and grow their own idea into realities. All you have to do is dream and if you need help with it. We are here to guide you but you must do the work. It’s understood that life can pull one into different directions leaving one feeling lost and stranded. But when you find yourself in that situation dream of riches! Dream and dream with the intention for freedom!dream-your-best-dream

Your ability to dream in essence is your ability to spread your wings unclipped. It’s your ability to live limitless and free. It’s your ability to explore space and live in the vastness of it. If you can see it than you can achieve it, this is the ability to use your creative power and the path to allow it to flow. Einstein says, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Hence the expression, dream!

Please feel free to join our sessions and Ill share it! I will share with you the unspoken and unwritten power of your inner creativity. It’s simple and easy to use and it starts with being you. This takes us into today’s topic; the purpose of a dream is to live it in reality. It’s one thing to think something into existence. Secondly, to dream with a purpose to solve a problem is another. The brain is for solving problems, small, or large. Its purpose is to provide you with a blue print for success. We provide the details in our sessions, you are welcomed to join us and leave with the knowledge of allowing yourself the unlimited power to dream and create limitless. Are you inert and if so, let’s overcome inertia together.

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