10 things to empower inner self

Hello Good people of the world,

I hope this message finds you well. I hope that you are making your greatest efforts to reach your goals. I hope that you know that you are unstoppable and nothing can stop you except yourself. Control negative thoughts, as they are not all evil. Be aware of poor information! It will cause one to avoid positive actions towards activities which will bring them closer to their goals. The goal is to keep your inner spirit empowered and motivated to take action and avoid being redirected on your course of inertia.

How one might ask?

I have 5 small things that you can do to empower your essence. After the holiday, it’s more than a perfect time to introduce the question: How do you live love in your community? I wrote about this concept, but it’s more relevant now more than before. The feeling of being in a place where you are wanted and valued, appreciated, cared for and cherished. Not for any job title, periods of being a perfectionist, just being you. No strings attached!14698565988191

The love of being around people you truly care about. It’s not the music, the money, the inner motivations or expected awards. In this world, in this community, you feel love like a child would, you feel love like that a puppy gives, you feel love in your community, just the way you left it. This feeling brings you back year after year. My point being, don’t let it be once a year.

The 5 things are of the following:

  1. Love yourself:

Love yourself as you do for family members, pets and other cherished possessions.  

  1. Share that love as a respect to yourself

Smile, be positive, use positive affirmations, go for a walk and enjoy nature.

  1. Call your family members and listen to their voices

Simply listen, and tell them that you just wanted to hear them speak.

  1. Call your grandparents,

Simply listen, and tell them that you just wanted to hear them speak and tell them thank you

  1. On Face Book,

Use that heart icon sometimes! Don’t hate on the low!

Yes, we have 10 of them but that is only for presentation time! Please feel free to join us! We are always finding ways to overcome inertia. These simple things will have a great impact on your inner power and how you might channel it to produce very powerful ideas and thoughts. Please feel to follow us on FB or Over Innovation of Inertia. Thank you taking the time to visit us and please feel free to share. R U inert? If so, let’s overcome inertia together one day at a time.



Over Innovation of Inertia


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