The power of Imagination


Hello Good people of the world,

It’s extremely important to know that imagination is more important than knowledge. The ability to learn “how” or “figure how” is easy. How much resource, how far, when, where can one find it and from who? This is simply logistics.

Now, if you don’t have income expenses. You will need a bit more than imagination; you will need ambition, love, courage and faith from within yourself. Imagination is so important just because life is so challenging.

be-bold-beLife is so challenging that some of us will buy into the illusion that it’s perfectly hard. Some of us understand the challenges of life so well that we become paralyzed and we stay right where we are in life, frozen.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “A man dies at the age of 23, but is not buried until the age of 80”. I don’t think we need much elaboration but feel free to respond. Don’t let that be you!

More so, life is hard but it’s far from perfect…stay positive, hungry and ambitious. Your imagination will allow you to see weaknesses in the toughness of life, like shining light into darkness. Having imagination, the ability to see how, the ability to craft a blue print to your success, the ability to see what is not present is a phenomenon. It is not only easy but its free! If you can dream it you can do it!

If you can use your imagination to dream your freedom in the midst of a nightmare, and use your emotions to drive you towards your realization than you will understand that imagination is more important than knowledge. The truth is life cannot stand up to such strength, determination, discipline. Keep pushing dear reader, keep trying and become the light in the darkness.

As Dr. King says, “Darkness cannot remove darkness only light can do that and hate cannot remove hate only love can do that”. A dream is not like reality. It’s the future waiting to happen by the dreamer. Take action, stay positive, use serenity and be persistent, your time will come!



Over Innovation of Inertia 

Universal Prayther













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