Master Your Art Craft

It’s amazing what a little bit more can do, so just do it. Do the work. Do it until it’s complete. Do it until it’s done. The reason why self-mastery is so important is because it gives one an avenue or pathway to experiment without fear of failure, without fear of making mistakes, without fear of being wrong.


This pathway allows the doer to understand the process of finding success through failure. This pathway allows the love and passion for one’s craft to build and grow into another experience. The basic ingredients to mastering one’s craft is that he or she must love what they do and be willing to do it until it’s done. The basic ingredient is to avoid excesses and make time to make it happen. Time is the most valuable commodity when it comes to mastering one’s craft.


Finding inspiration from others accompaniments is key. Look with your heart, look with understanding, and control an unruly spirit. Be genuine, be authentic, give credit and respect! Allow the understanding of someone’s else hustle to move you into the future. NO matter your art form, master your craft! Let’s overcome inertia!

Keep up the greatness!

Faith is to believe…

The most fundamental concept with understanding faith is that it requires no evidence. However, when learning how to hold a polarity to one’s faith it requires mental fitness and finesse. In other words, faith could be fear driven or love driven. The key is learning how to balance and hold a love driven faith.  Some people might describe fear as False Evidence Appearing Real. View last week post, we spoke about the polarity in more detail.  responses to faith

Moreover, self-mastery of that polarity requires time and practice, patience and mistakes. The process is more important than success, or achieving the oneness of one’s faith. The process does not change so learn how to build it carefully. In a nutshell, this an introduction to Mental Fitness.

Let’s discuss the unseen, unheard and unimaginable. The essence of faith holds three facets which are of the following: Hope, Vision and Motivation. The elixir of life are chemicals composed in the brain which are inspired by one’s environment.

These precious internal possessions will give one the courage to smile and see solutions for problems. Keeping a love driven faith is a must when negativity is found in abundance. Have faith that you “can” and make the proper actions to reach such created goals. Its easy to be negative, and to stay the same. But I challenge you, “Believe in yourself that you can: Build and open a business,  Build your credit,  live a healthy life, or do well in life. 

View your life with having the things you want and desire. Make goals and make it happen.  All you need is a bit of “faith” and learn to make what you want happen for yourself. We are here to help you along the way. Contact us to find out more!

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Universal Prayther

Founder and CEO

Fear Itself

Hello Good people of the world, 

Welcome to another day, and I hope this message finds you well. If not, I hope this message will provide for you peace, sincere motivation and a friendly reminder that you are amazing, simply because you are unique and one else can be exactly like you.  Let’s talk about Fear. Fear is the False Evidence Appearing Real.  

Now, understand that danger is real! Avoid danger and love-thyself!

However, when using skills of public speaking, writing, reading, exercise, having the courage to continue to move forward in the face of failure is another. At times the mind will cause us to believe that we can’t. This is without substantial evidence. The truth is that humanity comes into the world holding three truths: Speechless, Necked and Ignorant. We must learn everything from stretch from zero, from the bottom.  fdr testimoies

Simply not trying through trial and error is a disadvantage to the mind who believes that they can’t. The name of success is to try until you succeed. You must try, try and try again! All it takes is one attempt and if successful, you advance. However, you must build the necessary spiritual qualities, mental qualities and physical qualities which will help you advance forward.  This is the pit of failure. Failure teaches and trims all qualities within sleeping. The pressure builds to create you into a diamond.  

The trick of it all: Never give up! Never allow negative self-talk, such as I can’t, it’s too hard, I’ll do it tomorrow. Rest if you must but GET UP and try again!  Fear will cripple any chance of success.  

The trick of it all: Positive affirmations such as I can, and I will. Positive affirmation of with the help of the Almighty I will achieve this goal! Positive affirmation of watching something inspiring, uplifting, you must attract and become a spirit of positivity.  Again, fear will stop all possibilities of attempt.  

The trick of it all: Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. Dr. Seuss  

Get out of the stinking thinking and get into positive affirmations. Don’t allow fear to convince you not to do all you truly can do!


Universal Prayther