Fear Itself

Hello Good people of the world, 

Welcome to another day, and I hope this message finds you well. If not, I hope this message will provide for you peace, sincere motivation and a friendly reminder that you are amazing, simply because you are unique and one else can be exactly like you.  Let’s talk about Fear. Fear is the False Evidence Appearing Real.  

Now, understand that danger is real! Avoid danger and love-thyself!

However, when using skills of public speaking, writing, reading, exercise, having the courage to continue to move forward in the face of failure is another. At times the mind will cause us to believe that we can’t. This is without substantial evidence. The truth is that humanity comes into the world holding three truths: Speechless, Necked and Ignorant. We must learn everything from stretch from zero, from the bottom.  fdr testimoies

Simply not trying through trial and error is a disadvantage to the mind who believes that they can’t. The name of success is to try until you succeed. You must try, try and try again! All it takes is one attempt and if successful, you advance. However, you must build the necessary spiritual qualities, mental qualities and physical qualities which will help you advance forward.  This is the pit of failure. Failure teaches and trims all qualities within sleeping. The pressure builds to create you into a diamond.  

The trick of it all: Never give up! Never allow negative self-talk, such as I can’t, it’s too hard, I’ll do it tomorrow. Rest if you must but GET UP and try again!  Fear will cripple any chance of success.  

The trick of it all: Positive affirmations such as I can, and I will. Positive affirmation of with the help of the Almighty I will achieve this goal! Positive affirmation of watching something inspiring, uplifting, you must attract and become a spirit of positivity.  Again, fear will stop all possibilities of attempt.  

The trick of it all: Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. Dr. Seuss  

Get out of the stinking thinking and get into positive affirmations. Don’t allow fear to convince you not to do all you truly can do!


Universal Prayther


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