Replace Illness with Wellness

Malcom X said, “When we replace “i” with “we” even illness become wellness

I saw a post this morning. It said, “Give time to your wellness or your will be forced to make time for your illness”. I would like you to reflect deeply on it.

You have time to give. well, do you have time to give? Wellness is not a fitness routine. It is not a fad. Wellness is a balanced way of life. What you decide to give your time too should not be a chore.

It should not be perceived as a chore. Think about what in 24hours requires your time and how valuable you are to that operation. More so, what would happen if you were to vanish for a week.

You have time. You have the power of choice. I am sure whatever you are doing in your life will accept and approve that you are important and only you can take care of your wellness.

In the health world, lives a saying which says, “Prevention is better than a cure”. Having a made up mind, that your health is important and you will do the things that will add value to it is prevention. You finding ways and maintaining environments to support your health is wellness.

Replace the “I” with “we” they will not only listen but support you on your journey to wellness.

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