Our Programs/ Services

Our programs are community based and centered. In other words, based on the needs of the community; we are able to create curriculum specifically for the needs of the community. Our value preposition, a service we call “Module RP3” Research, Program, Power, Policy allows us to facilitate curriculum based on community needs.  Our Programs aim to prevent barriers that prevent full, equal, and fair participation in the nation’s economy.

Our unique approach “RP3” allows us to remain creative and innovative to meet the needs and demands of very complex situations per community. More so, through employment, and economic inclusion, we create value so that residents will work to decrease their barriers, ultimately empowering them to learn the skills, gain the education through our curriculum to build progress towards eradiating barriers, and root problems. 

  • JUMP- 

Stands for Jettison Unhealthy Movements Properly. In this program, we provide a curriculum which is person centered that promotes health and empowers  individuals to discover how to avoid unhealthy motions from diet, fitness and shopping.  J.U.M.P


This program covers a holistic approach to self-development and wellness Growth is an online curriculum which serves humanity world wide for advancement of business, entrepreneurship and global achievement. Let’s overcome inertia!GROWTH image

  • ReRright + GROWTHUntitled design (4)

Provides community members access to a 24/h recoding booth to write, produce and create music while learning the skills to sell and promote their music and uniting the community as a safe place for business development.

And so much More…Please feel free to send me an email directly so that we might overcome inertia together.