Our Programs/ Services

Our programs are community based and centered. In other words, based on the needs of the community we are able to create curriculum specifically for the needs of the community to empower individuals to overcome such hardships by creating value and stimulating movement within the hearts of individuals who may come into contact with our programs. These are some of our featured Programs. contact us on how to get started!

  • JUMP- 

Stands for Jettison Unhealthy Movements Properly. In this program, we provide a curriculum which is person centered that promotes health and empowers  individuals to discover what food items that may be unhealthy to their body and build interventions to help overcome each item and replace it with something better and healthier with little to no relapse. 


  • GROWTH-find your mentor

is our core curriculum which helps individuals become the latest version of themselves. This program covers a holistic approach to self-development and all aspect of  the Levels of Wellness. Health, Wealth, Goals and Mental Fitness! By covering these seven steps, it will produce a Personal Life Plan that will be used to help individuals reach personal goals and financial goals. Growth is an online curriculum which serves humanity world wide for advancement of business,  entrepreneurship and global achievement. Let’s overcome inertia!


  • Goals Positioned Success (GPS) 

This program is a youth mentoring program which help kids 7 and up develop goals and build a strong character to help promote mental fitness and physical fitness. It’s a smaller version of G.R.O.W.T.H  Those who finish are elevated to improved Math, Science and Research projects

  •  -Barbershop Rap – Youth Mentoring 

A program inspired in Chicago, was made into a curriculum which provides free hair cuts and lectures from mentors to inspire the young people to look good and feel good about what they bring into the world as we fade positive ideas into the hearts and minds of the youth one head at a time. 

And so much More…Please feel free to send me an email directly or call and let us know how we can be of any assistance to you, your family, or community.