How do you live love in your community

Hello Good People of the world,

I hope this message finds you well. I hope this message finds you in good cheer, refreshed and motivated. I hope this message touches you in a way that you might become empowered to invest in yourself to become the greatest version of yourself. Please understand that the sun is shining although you may not see it. The sun is shining even in darkness. Hard times are part of the process.  It’s like the weight lifter who increases his exercise to develop muscle. It’s like the seed which is placed in the soil to grow and develop. More so, its balance: hard times and good times share turns like a seesaw. It’s like night and day. The day will pass just as the night will fade, just hold on tight. Your struggles to shall pass and you will find in its absence you have become betterhow-do-you-live-love-in-yourself

I have been asking this question, “How do you live love in your community?”  Do you live love in your community? I believe this is a really great question on so many levels.  How would that experience look like? I recall swimming in the ocean on my surf board, feeling the heat of the sun and the coolness of the shifting waters. I recall long nights with family and friends living in peace and enjoying each other’s company.

More so, I would like to take it one more level. “How do you live love in yourself?” It’s one thing to show love to your environment but how about your inner world? How do you show the real “you” love and what are your actions to justify them? At some degree, I am talking about self-care. It’s not impossible to love something else before you learn to love yourself. However, what are some actions and habits to maintain that love? It’s like burning a fire. What kind of material do you use to maintain the heat?


I created a term called; “Mental Fitness” and I apply it in our workshops which promote self-knowledge.  Mental Fitness is related to mental hygiene.  However, mental hygiene talks about having and keeping a positive self-image, staying positive and being you to keep your mental strength just as having physical strength.  I would love to have you join us for a workshop, just send us an email and we can provide it online or in person. 

Thank you again for joining us and please feel free to comment, share or follow. We are Over Innovation of Inertia. We celebrate human achievement and development. As we love to say, are you inert? If so, lets overcome inertia. You are not alone!







No greater motivation than success

Hello Good people of the world,

How are you? I hope this message finds you well. I hope that this message finds you in your best.  If it’s not the case, understand that you can have control over your thoughts and actions. You have the power to choose the feeling of being powerful over powerless. You have the ability to live your life with vision or in darkness. Just turn on the light, turn your life into a brighter future because you are a reflection of your biggest dream. Dear reader, dream your biggest dream!

This brings us into today’s topic; there is no grater motivation than success. Rather if you choose to start small or large; you ultimately have the ability to choose your boost of motivation. You have the ability to create and foster the positive habits which will stimulate the combustion of “go”.             get-out-your-own-way

How you might be asking? Please feel free to visit us on Skype just send us an email at  We provide a number of self-development and vocational building workshops under a technology called Inspirational Praxis. Send us an email to get stated, online or via or in person.

More so, understanding the power of your sub-conscious thoughts and how it triggers your motivation of attitude will directly impact your actions. The reaction in your environment will leave you with a feeling of successes. You can do this consciously or unconsciously, planned or unplanned, this can create a feeling of happiness or sadness. Join us as we are willing to show you your own greatness. As we ask, are you inert? If so, let’s get over inertia!

Ready your day from Yesterday


Hello Good people of the world,

I have awakened! I am on a new vibe. I have awakened to a new possibility where I choose to be more creative than restrictive. I choose the new possibility where I am limitless over bounded by misconceptions of myself and my own negative thoughts. I choose inspiration rather despair. I choose motivation than isolation. I have made the choice to watch my actions and my own thougths.


I would like to thank you for visiting our blog. I hope this is as inviting and heartwarming for you as this is for us. You have a power, called potential power. Life is about using that power in a productive sense. It’s about making the choice to use it rather than refusing to use your source of greatness which is in abundance. Make the choice to use it, as you embark on your own greatness and give others the permission to uncover their own greatness.

I hope from my liberation you find a reason for celebration and take action to expound on your new found power and strength. This will take us into our current topic.  Ready your day, with a plan from yesterday! Before you sleep, write your plan and make up your mind that if you shall awake. Your plan is what shall be done!

It’s important that you do your best efforts. It is also important to know that what you write down will be accomplished and no longer will it be delayed, left aside and forlorn.

With that in mind, you are ready to sleep and rest well. As tomorrow will open for you to “Attack the day with enthusiasm”. You will find that you have more energy. You will find that you don’t have time for pettiness. You will find more love for yourself. You will find yourself with more passion. You will find more happiness as you are on the pursuit of happiness.

You will find yourself being the opposite of the one who delayed. Please join us online or in person as we present our 3-day workshop introduction: Getting over inertia. Are you inert? If so, let’s overcome inertia. Feel free to send us an email for orentation. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!



Universal Prayther

Over Innovation of Inertia

Don’t rush your art brush


Hello Good people of the world,

I would like to thank you for your continuous support and viewing. Please feel free to share; I received my first blessing in part of a phone call. This really inspired me to continue so, please help us by sharing the message.  As I watch the response of my most current post, I can’t help but think about how these words might impact others. Words are powerful but I hope that it empowers more and more.

This brings me to today’s topic. If you were to imagine a masterpiece before your vision, could you ponder the amount of discipline, detail and beauty placed in each stroke of its paint brush? Once it was completed, one could say, “It’s complete so that all might marvel its beauty”.

The first point, how to become liberated by someone’s inspiration? It’s like the breeze from the ocean on a hot sandy beach. It’s like the cool breeze of a summer’s heated night. It’s like drinking water on an arid day. It is liberation from a feeling of entrapment.14784712230211

Inspiration is contagious in that one can become liberated by simply viewing the best of another. See it and be it! Be the inspiration and allow that to liberate you into doing your very best effort with something you enjoy. As our motto, “Evolve from within to advance at what you do!” Allow someone’s inspiration to be the ignition for your own liberation and you will find a very special celebration of life.

The second point, this might be a bit heavy, so I caution you. Dear reader, It takes time to complete a Masterpiece. You might be an entrepreneur, an artist or simply a dreamer. Your art form will manifest itself through your action, but don’t rush your work, as you have full control, as to the viewing of what others might marvel. Enjoy the process of your workflow, feel each curve, every mark and don’t see it as a tedious process. Like the mountains, and the rivers which flow through them, and the sea shell broken, we find absolute beauty in its design. Love every process of your masterpiece, as it will be as you imaged.

I celebrate your inspiration as I am liberated. Don’t rush your art brush when you are brushing you art. Again! Thank you all! Please feel free to share and as we love to say, “Are you inert?” if so, let’s get over inertia!




Universal Prayther

CEO and Founder of Over Innovation of Inertia


With or Without Vision


Hello Good people of the world,

I will share a story of inspiration today. I feel it! One of my greatest stories to share is the story of Helen Keller.  There are a few reasons why her story is used to make my story. It’s important to know that inspiration is liberation. It is the unspoken permission for you to be your best self. It is her inspiration “the invitation” that invited me to become liberated from my own self-doubt.

I held myself in a cage isolated and alone. I did not understand that I held the key to this cage and it is her story that helped me make my story. Some way or another, one might find some reasons of why you can’t achieve something, but you must have vision and fight to keep your vision. Vision keeps your sights in a place where you are totally invested to reach. The reasons why you see this vision never lose it. This is your motivation. This is your internal fire, the coal which burns and provides warmth, when the world is cold and all odds are against you.14709260159911

Self-doubt is the water, or mist which seeks to extinguish your fire. You are in constant conflict with anything which tires to relinquish your flame. This energy, if it had a price. It would be the most expensive chemical on the face of the planet due to the fact that of your productivity and unwillingness to be stopped. This success formula which is created trough struggle, passion and vision will make you a force to be reckoned with.

How did her story make my story? Regardless of her current situation and circumstances, it never moved her from reaching her goal. More than that, she was not able to listen to others ridicule as what was possible for her or not. This point is the most critical! Secondly, she was surrounded by people who had vision that she could and she did, despite all odds.

I leave you with this message good people, go for your goals and find those who will support you in making it happen and get to work, make it happen, don’t stop, fail fearlessly and most important be yourself, love yourself, stay kind and be like water. You can do it! Again, thank you for taking the time to read my daily messages. Please share as there are those who are waiting to unlock themselves from them. Your inspiration is needed.


The Carbohydrate Family


Hello Good people of the world,

I want to thank you for taking the time to read our blogs. I hope you are enjoying it as much as we are. I have not touched much on the topic of nutrition and health and wellness.  But today, makes it a great day. We provide nutrition in the community and online sessions. We prepare the sessions in a way where viewers who participate can gain accumulative information, session by session.

Furthermore, I would like to share a workshop which is titled, “The Carbohydrate Family”. In this workshop, we identify the chemistry of carbohydrates and explain the pleasure of food and also the business of the body. In other words, food is business and although we focus on the flavorful sensations we experience. It is most impocrap-and-foodrtant that we don’t forget it is business at the end of the day. Its primary function is to provide us a source of energy. In order to conclude this point, Socrates states that, “Most men live to eat where I eat to live”. Our main focus is to share information and secondly, provide a mindset in the way we view food, namely Carbohydrates.

As consumers, we focus simply on pleasure. As we look at foods high in refined sugars, fats and salt. Our health consequences are concluded with obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. More so, I will not conclude with this. I must take it one more stride further, in the carbohydrate family, we identity many types of carbohydrates such as sugars, milk, fruits, whole grains and more.

We simplify it by grouping it into the following: Simply Carbohydrates and Complex Carbohydrates. Once we define the terms. It’s easy to share how the body uses the sources of energy.

Healthy can be broken into two words, “Heal-Thy” Well, Heal-Thy-what? Healthy is the art of Healing-Thy-Self. Ask self, “Will this food produce heal me or kill me?” You are your greatest health advocate and when you are not sure consult someone who can help you answer that question, in detail!

We than break it down into three groups: Monosaccharide, Disaccharides and Polysaccharides

I would really like to have you join our sessions, so I will not provide all the detail in this message. I love to ask, “What would you trade for your good health?” Many of you might say, nothing but I hope you might give your time to learn more ways to save yourself from yourself. Again, Good people of the world, I would like to thank you for sharing your time with me and feel free to join us on Skype or in person for a session. As we love to say, “Are you inert?” If so, let’s get over inertia!

Ever Evolving


Hello Good people of the world,

We will jump into this topic rapidly. Please feel free to share your thoughts and share.  Furthermore, this world is ever evolving- you are growing and things are constantly improving, and blossoming. Everything is constantly evolving to become better and stronger. It does this not for material gain or market value rather to inspire. It is a global invitation for one to reach their highest potential as it has reached its own.

Dear readers never fear  failure or becoming obsolete.

The reason for this is because one has the ability to choose if he or she will increase their mental capabilities or decide to leave it where it stands. Secondly, failure does not mandate that you are unsuccessful. It only shows that your plan of action was not successful, so don’t take it personal. None the less, you have control of your future actions.


The mind is like the universe. It is infinite, in every meaning of the word.  The mind has no boundaries or limits. It is limitless. Even if you filled it, it will never reach its full capacity. If you attend my workshops, I ask the question: Can you touch the walls of your mind? (Feel free to leave a response) I ask this for a reason.. can you guess why?


The ability of using our imagination can set one to any destination without any reservation.

             Like technology, once it becomes old or obsolete it’s no longer needed. The mind gets older but in the end, we can only discover the latest model of excellence within ourselves. This is if one has a desire for it. This is If one keeps up with the up hill struggle of becoming better, through hell or high water. If you have the desire to be than you shall.

All things that continues its process in growth.

The mind is the only thing (we) can stop in its advancement of improvement.  Today, I will not address those things that might alter our course of inertia. The most important concept to share is that hardship is designed to persuade us to halt or change our direction. However, this state of idleness can have a detrimental impact to its user and those surrounding it.

A person might have much education, success and wealth and vice versa but if he or she does push the mind for growth it will remain idle.  Don’t be unkind to your mind, join the movement of improvement! Your ability to shine gives others the permission for others to be their best self.

The greatest technology in the universe is the mind. Not only is it the greatest piece of technology. It’s the most under used and understood. The greatest thing about the mind is that it’s free! Be inspired by the beauty of the world as it is an invitation for you to reach your greatest self.  Don’t be unkind to your mind, please don’t fall behind. Please feel free to respond. Again thank you for your visit! As we like to say, “Are you inert?” If so, let’s get over inertia!


Universal Prayther


Dream your best dream

Hello Good people of the world,

As I continue to work on this, I keep improving own my style of communication. I am learning the skills needed to produce a shorter and  more powerful message. I am inspired to do more and gain more. Please feel free share your own personal experience. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

Furthermore, this brings us into our topic for today. I dare you oh reader, dream your best dream! While you dream, the universe will synchronize for you your best test, training and conditions. I believe this is why it has been said, “Everyone has circumstances and situations but don’t become a victim of it”. Don’t get caught up in the struggle of the test. Yes its challenging. Yes its difficult but this is your dream. You created your dream to solve a problem. A very real problem.14702467453731

Although, It is through struggle where we find innovation. It’s in the darkest hour where we find the solution. Someone said, “Sometimes we are placed in darkness to make us realize that we can produce light”.

As I like to say, Its a struggle but not at all”. The dream that you dream is customized for you. The most important thing I can share is don’t forget why you made your dream. It will keep you focused towards the future rather than the present pains of now. While you continue to keep your momentum, you will find that you are exactly where you need to be in order to become. This sums up our conversation of today. Please continue to discover more with us.

I can not thank you enough for coming to visit us. Please feel free to share our conversation with friends or family. Its possible that you could take it to work with you or school to improve yourself development. Again! Until the next time, lets continue to overcome inertia!




Let it grow

First, I feel that it’s important that you must learn how to empower your own imagination. For those who have lost it, don’t point fingers. And to those who don’t acknowledge it, simply smile and preserve your energies for manifestation.

Before manifestation, one must see the final vision in the mind in order to build. One must see the blueprint and understand the key components before one places action to the physical construction.

Now, we have the general understanding. Let it grow!

“Every idea is like a seed”

“You” the care taker of this seed, it’s important that you understand your duty. You are so very special in this process because you will have insight no one14698565988191 else can ever see. It has been said, “Great minds think alike” Well! No two universes shall spiral the same.

You will remain at your best if you are the creator of your ideas because you have no choice but to build rather than follow. This is a great advantage because you have the ability to dream years in advance than create it at the speed of now.

Furthermore, let it grow! The most important duty is that you must believe-in-yourself, even when you are against all odds. Learning how to communicate the idea effectively is your next task, which it will depend on you and how much time you spend on your craft. Don’t rush it! As Earl Nightingale says, “You are not building a chicken coop rather a Skyscraper”. You want it to stand tall and strong. Once you discover how to communicate it than you must assemble a team. I will share these in more detail in our Workshops. Please email me and i’ll share dates for online session on in class sessions.

The last point, I want to share is that you must get out of your own way. This requires that you are taught how to control your inner dialog. It has been said that, “if you have no enemy within, the enemy around can do you no harm”. This works within the dimensions of the human construct such as: Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally, Socially, Occupationally and Spiritually (PIESOS).  As this concludes our session for today, We encourage you to work harder on yourself, on your goals so that you might arrive in the future which is yours. Please share and add value to the conversation. I cant wait to see what is on your mind.