Over Inertia is a non-for-profit which utilizes research to facilitate curriculum to empower humanity into greatness! Our programs are used to improve the human experience through igniting economic development, leadership development and self -development. It’s through our innovative ways that we are able to create sound solutions for underserved communities, after school programs, community based organizations, non-for-profits, religious or other institutions to bring back unity within community. We are Over Innovation of Inertia! Let’s overcome fear, despair and lack of vision with  hope, vision and promise through our curriculum to individuals we serve.

              Like DNA, we provide sound solutions to repair cultural genetic information for growth, development and functioning of  the individual and the community. Our goal is to help you reach yours. Join us or request a demo of our programs.  let’s overcome inertia together! 


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                   Over Inertia provides the translation of health informatics (Health Research) into everyday language, context or rhetoric, through curriculum or other innovative styles just to disseminate information. Our intention is to inspire our audience so that they might alter inertia and become the greatest version of themselves.   

                   Improving oneself  in his or her Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Financial, or Occupational self. These are some of the ways we provide sound translation of what has been done, so that you are confident in leaning new skills that will help you develop and becoming a greater you.

                  With our core curriculum “G.R.O.W.T.H”. We have taken self-development into another level. “G.R.O.W.T.H”  is the edifice of self development. Our purpose is to help individuals become inspired and learn vital skills to apply to one’s lifestyle to become the latest version of themselves. Please contact us for a demo “G.R.O.W.T.H” Let’s overcome inertia!

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Our Webinars

Over Innovation of Inertia understands that we are living in a fast past and changing world. As most things become obsolete, out-of-date or just old-fashioned. You might ask yourself, how do I fit? How can I compete?  or am I good enough? However, we believe this might be the case of many things, except the mind!

No matter your age you cannot become obsolete just   14698565988191become the latest model of yourself.

We understand that information keeps the mind fresh, valuable and in need. We provide webinars which allow the mind to continue its conquest for growth and development. Self-development made easy just send us an email for our upcoming webinars.

We provide online and in person sessions on the following: Knowledge, Self-Knowledge, Health and Wealth. Never become outdated again and have the self-confidence to smile knowing you are equipped to handle any task in the future! Join us as we continue to overcome our own inertia.

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Over Innovation of Inertia is always finding ways to improve its types of dissemination through communication. We provide Over Innovations so that we might communicate effectively, clear and meaningful information with our audience. We will over use innovations such as blogs, motivational speaking, lectures, workshops, music, poetry, short-film and various other art types to disseminate vital information so that you might empower yourself.


We will use this blog to build conversation surrounding our dream and goals. We will call this “Memes to Dreams”. We will provide daily motivation and inspiration so that you might overcome your own inertia.

Join us and feel free to share ways to reach others and empower others to become the latest version of themselves. Discovery is part of self mastery, discover more with us. Again! We thank you for your visit and we can’t wait to hear from you and about your future successes. As we say, “Are you inert?” If so, let’s get over inertia!

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Please feel free to add to our conversation  just subscribe and grow with us!