Over Innovation of Inertia is a Social Impact Research firm that challenges the status quo for low to medium income (LMI) communities by creating positive social impact improving or enhancing Health, Economics, Law and Policy (H.E.L.P). Over Inertia is holds a 501(C)(3) tax status and #46-3303145. 



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Why we exist

Over Inertia exists due to the overwhelming numbers of disparities that exists in low to medium income (LMI) communities . Did you know that depending on one’s zip code, an individual’s life expectancy can be diminished by up to 12 years? Type your zip code to learn more about the communities near you.


Therefore, our purpose, our cause is to challenge the status quo. The dilapidation and housing issues, drugs, food deserts, lack of equity, violence, extreme poverty, poor education, is not the way. We exist to create positive social change everyone can see and feel! We shall overcome! We shall overcome inertia, and create vibrate sustainable communities, one community at a time. Where everyone can have life with liberty, and justice for all.

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